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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sunshine and Meadow Grass.

A clear blue sky & Meadow grass. Enjoyed whilst reading the Sunday papers and drinking freshly brewed coffee. It reminded me of something I sometimes forget, to follow my heart. Thank you Wiltshire.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

I am not a cook. It has been known in my house for the evening meal to be binned only to be replaced by edible take away. It is a common joke amongst my friends to eat before arriving for dinner. For those women & men who suffer from a similar social faux pas as myself you will understand the phobia we live in when the partner/husband/boyf comes home suggesting "we" should entertain. My answer is to hide under the bed.But in reality the options that come to mind are: call the caterer, purchase already cooked from a reputable deli, or tackle the challenge head on.

This dish does not have to be complex, time consuming, expensive, with fancy pants ingredients,(or it can be).It just has to be something you can cook. To be clear with you on my meaning of the word cook, it is one or all of the following: to open a packet, turn on a oven, combine ingredients, (does not include gin&tonic), operate a dishwasher, microwave, or toaster.
At the age of 36.5, I have found my dish which I would like share with those who are of the culinary way and those of you who find yourselves abiding by my definition of the word cook.

Oven Roasted Organic Wiltshire Chicken, drizzled with Hen egg mayonnaise, mixed with the flavors of English Mentha Spicata & Spring Onions, wrapped in freshly baked country bread, trimmed.

Otherwise know as the Chicken Sandwich.

Bon Appetit.